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We understand that flexibility is key. That’s why all plans are month-to-month with NO contracts and NO cancellation fees. 


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Free setup

Custom review request

Personalized feedback form

Choose your review sites

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Frequently asked questions

Does ReviewTrigger work better than my booking software's automated email function?

We built this product to be flexible and want it to work with you in the way that you’re comfortable running your business. If day-to-day operations occur from a laptop, a tablet, your phone, or anything else, that’s okay! We’ve made it easy. Simply bookmark the review request platform tab so that, no matter the device you’re on, you’ve always got quick access for sending review request links. 

I want to collect reviews, but I am concerned that using ReviewTrigger will increase my negative reviews?

First thing’s first: the only bad review strategy is NO review strategy. By actively seeking reviews from your clients, you increase your review rate in a dramatic way, and those new 5-star reviews can begin working for you. While it’s possible you might also get some negative reviews thrown in there, here’s the truth: unhappy customers are typically more motivated to leave reviews than happy ones, WITH OR WITHOUT a review strategy in place. But with a review strategy that brings the request directly to customers, businesses can hear from those who might not have been unhappy at all, but just don’t typically find themselves on review sites. So while you may get an additional negative review here and there, your positive review volume is guaranteed to outpace the negative reviews. 

The review funnel was developed specifically to catch negative reviews before they are posted online. Happy customers are driven to review sites where  they can leave their positive feedback, while unhappy customers are directed to a private feedback form.This feedback form is a private communication between you and the customers that a) gives you an opportunity to respond and try to earn back their business, and b) . In addition, it gives you priceless information about what business or staff adjustments you need to make to continue to exceed expectations.

How many of my competitors are using a review collection tool?

Only 24% of business owners say they employ a tested review strategy that works well. That means that implementing a successful strategy can give you a huge competitive edge. But what’s even better is we conduct a free strategy discussion with every new client so that we can understand your business and suggest ways to optimize use of our product. Basically, we want you to succeed, and we take steps to make sure it happens. 

What is ReviewTrigger's cancellation policy?

Our plans are all month-to-month, with no set-up fees, and no cancellation fees. We want you to love our platform, and if you need to leave it for any reason, we understand and have made that easy for you. 

Can I incentivize customers to give me a review?

No, that violates most review platform rules, however, you can increase engagement and generate more reviews if you include a coupon within the review request. The coupon must be offered to everyone, not just people who have completed a review.

Can you integrate with software products beyond what's listed?

Yes! We built our product to be flexible so that you can have a fully-automated review collection process, (load a csv of daily transactions, one-click send invites… whatever you need to do).  We love talking review capture strategy and best practice, so feel free to reach out (or click here) to talk to one of our review collection gurus. 

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